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As you would expect from any thirty year old German Fraulein with style, Daisy needs to be appropriately attired and pampered for this adventure. So please show your support for our cause and donate to daisy.


A social creature

Daisy’s Story

Bash Car 142 (Queensland)
Years Attended 2009 · 2010 · 2014?

Daisy’s story starts in 1979 when John (Festival) Hall bought the powder blue baby off a Brisbane showroom floor. For almost 20 years she was his pride and joy until unfortunately due to age he was unable to drive her anymore.

In the late 1990’s with only 150,000km on the odometer, John handed the Mercedes to his youngest son Michael. For ten years she was kept on the road in all her glory, completed a tour around Australia and was mechanically purring like a kitten.

In 2006 Daisy was handed to a third generation of the Hall family, Michael’s son David. For 3 years she was a weekend project but unfortunately time ended up being the killer and she sat idle for almost six months enduring rain, hail and the summer sun.

In 2009 the Australian Council for Private Education & Training (ACPET) & Motor Trades Australia (MTA) decided to fundraise and work on Daisy for entry into the XXXX Gold Charity Variety Bash.

Unfortunately her first bash appearance she did not cross the finish line, two days out from Alice Springs the fuel pump gave out and she had to be towed across the line.

Daisy Successfully completed her second bash and made it over the line in Port Douglas in 2010. Currently she is with The Australian Trade & Technical Collage at Scarborough getting ready for 2011.

Who is Variety?

Variety the children’s charity Queensland works directly with individual families and organisations in our mission to empower Queensland children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs to live, laugh and learn.

All money raised by Variety Queensland helps children in Queensland. Funds are usually spent on goods and services, such as the Variety Sunshine Coach Programme, the Freedom Program, hospital grants, schools, youth clubs, and individual children.

Variety Queensland has a wonderful Board of directors, enthusiastic committees and professional dedicated staff members in the head office, all of whom are instrumental in the success of Variety. Variety is a nationwide and worldwide charity and first began in Australia in 1975. To date we have delivered over $112 million net to help Australia’s sick, disadvantaged and special needs children.

The History of Variety

Variety is described as “The Heart of Show Business” because it was started by a group of theatre owners and showmen in Pittsburgh, USA.

Initially the group would get together after performances to play cards at a social gathering they called the “Variety Club”. One night in 1928 they heard whimpering from the empty Sheriden Theatre and when they investigated the source of the noise, they discovered an abandoned baby. The baby’s mother had pinned a note to the child’s clothing which read:

“Please take care of my baby. Her name is Catherine. I can no longer take care of her. I have eight others. My husband is out of work. She was born on Thanksgiving Day. I have always heard of the goodness of showbusiness people and pray to God that you will look after her. Signed, a heartbroken mother.”


A police search to find the mother failed, but the theatre owners’ hearts had already melted. They took the baby in and named her Catherine Variety Sheridan. They set about raising money to buy items needed for her care and were so successful that they decided to widen their view to offer assistance to local orphanages. Their philosophy was that they would not give money – only goods and services. This ideal remains pivotal to the ethos of Variety today. Variety spread throughout the entertainment industry and today there are 80 branches worldwide.

Catherine’s story became an inspiration to help children everywhere and since those early beginnings, Variety has become an international organisation, operating in 14 countries and raising over $2 billion to help children in need throughout the world. The original ideals are maintained by a strict charter, which dictates how money is raised and distributed. The Charity has kept its theatrical tradition alive by the use of quaint terminology where branches are called Tents and Chairmen are Chief Barkers.

Lord Louis Mountbatten brought Variety to Australia in 1975 with Paul Hogan as the first Chief Barker (Chairman). Today it is represented in all states and territories, reaching tens of thousands of special children each year.


And what of Catherine Variety Sheridan? When Catherine was 5 years old she was fostered out to a carefully selected loving family. Over 300 Pittsburgh families applied to adopt Catherine, whose name was changed to Joan to protect her identity and ensure as normal a life as possible. Joan had a happy life and served the United States in both Korea and Vietnam as a registered nurse and spent much of her life helping disadvantaged children. She remained anonymous until 1980 when, at the request of Variety International, she attended the Variety Convention in Los Angeles with her husband and three children. She died in 1994 but her story will always be a constant reminder of the wonderful things that can be achieved when people care.

Variety has its roots in the entertainment industry but its core is the community. People from all walks of life, throughout the state, can contribute and experience the joy of helping children in need.

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