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If you are not subscribed to cPanel hosting services, please see the Email Management – Cloud services.

An email address must have been previously setup inside your cPanel account before using these settings.

  • I need an email setup tutorial to help configure my email software.
  • I already know how to work with my email software. Continue Below.

Setting Description Setting
Username The full email address. e.g.
Password The password created when creating an email address inside cPanel.* All passwords must contain at least 7 characters with 2 numerical characters. e.g. mypassword123
Incoming Mail Server The server used when receiving emails for your email address.What’s the difference between POP and IMAP? POP: Use either

  • mail.mydomainname.tld
  • cPanel server hostname

IMAP: Use either

  • mail.mydomainname.tld
  • cPanel server hostname
Incoming Server Port Local port connecting email software to mail exchange. POP: Default = 110, SSL =  995IMAP: Default = 143, SSL = 993
Outgoing Mail Server The server used when sending emails from the email software.Note: if using SSL, you must use the cPanel server hostname Use either:

  • Internet Service Provider Outgoing Mail Server
  • cPanel server hostname
  • mail.mydomainname.tld
Outgoing Server Port Port specific to Hallways Solutions cPanel servers. Non SSL: 587 (standard)SSL: 465
Authentication Type How the connection is authenticated when connecting to the mail exchange. Non SSL: Password SSL: SSL

How do I check my cPanel server hostname, to use in SMTP settings?

Typically you will only need this hostname for your email settings if you want to use SSL with your SMTP (sending mail).

The server hostname will depend on the machine used for the hosting account setup.

To find the specific hostname for your settings, please perform the following steps:

  1. Login to your Account level console using the Master Account Reference and Password.
  2. Locate Administer/Upgrade domain along the left hand side of the page.
  3. Search for or select the domain to which the email hosting applies.
  4. Click [Administer].
  5. Click [Web Hosting].
  6. Under cPanel Details you will see Current cPanel Machine, this is your cPanel server hostname.

I’ve configured my email correctly, but it’s still not working.

Outgoing mail server errors

An outgoing mail server error indicates an email sending issue and is generally indicative of a problem with internet connection issues or port blocking.

If your outgoing mail server does not work using the standard mail settings, it may be possible that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has blocked the standard ports requiring that you specifically use their own SMTP server. Use your ISP outgoing mail server settings, or contact them for assistance.

Incoming mail server errors

An incoming mail server error indicates an email receiving issue and is generally indicative of a problem with email settings, internet connection issues, or an issue with the customer account, the domain name, or even the pop account. If you receive a POP error please check the following prior contacting our support team:

  • Check the expiry of your subscription service. We send out reminders regarding expiring accounts, but you may have missed the email. If the service expired, it could be suspended causing errors when connecting to the mail servers;
  • Check that you’re using the correct settings from the above instructions;
  • Ascertain whether or not all of your devices are having trouble accessing email e.g. if you have configured your email on your Smartphone and your computer – check if both devices are failing to download mail.

Then please contact Hallways Solutions Technical Support for assistance.

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